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Good food brings people together, which is why the dishes I make for Jeepney Guy are the same kind that I make for family and friends. The time and care I put into each dish never feels like work because cooking is a joy, and there’s something really satisfying about knowing my work has made people happy...and hopefully full.


I believe in using ingredients that are readily available, I like creating layers of flavors and staying true to the essence of the dish.  I believe in respecting the main ingredient. If you try my pork barbecue, you’ll be able to taste the pork. If you try my pot roast, you’ll notice the flavor of the beef isn’t being overwhelmed by gravy.


I believe in thoughtfully prepared food that make people want to linger at the table or stretch a lunch hour on a work day... to savor the meal. Food is not just for sustenance, it should be an experience. It was meant to be one of the great pleasures in life and I hope to create memorable dishes for you.







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A Quick Bite, like an appetizer.


The Jeepney  is a traditional mode of public transportation in the Philippines. It’s origins trace back to World War II Military Jeeps, left behind by US troops after the war. Filipinos are resourceful by nature and never let anything go to waste. Powered by ingenuity, fueled with creativity and born out of necessity, the jeeps quickly evolved into what they are today-The Jeepney, an iconic symbol of our Filipino culture. It's how a lot of people get from point A to B. In the Philippines, Jeepneys are critical to the lives of many and they are everywhere. It is also a means for a typical working man to support his family.


Jeepney Guy celebrates all of that— our heritage, our home, our people and the tireless pursuit of every man's dream: to provide well for his family.


Dennis Villafranca is a self-taught chef who understands the most fundamental secret to cooking great food...great FLAVORS.  He has been learning and perfecting his craft for the past 15 years and Jeepney Guy is where big plans and far-off dreams become a reality.


We hope you feel the love in every bite.


We invite you to view our photo gallery for a sneak-peek at what's cooking in the Jeepney Guy's kitchen.

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We're available for small dinner parties or large corporate events. If you're interested in having us cater for you, please fill in the blanks and I will get in touch with you right away so we can discuss what your needs and expectations are.


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